Our operations

Thunderful Group AB Group was formed in December 2019, with principal owner Bergsala Holding AB bringing together several companies active in game development, game publishing and distribution. The formation creates a strong player in the area of game development and distribution of games, gaming accessories and toys. Among the owners of Thunderful Group AB are Bergsala Holding AB, Brjann Sigurgeirsson and Klaus Lyngeled. In total, the Group employs more than 160 people. The head office is located in Gothenburg.

The Group's vision is to be a leader in a world where everyone can play, and the mission is to bring creative entertainment products of the highest quality to people of all ages. The operations are characterised by leading positions and good business conditions in their respective markets.

The operations within Thunderful Group AB complement each other well, both commercially and in terms of revenue models. The Group structure enables good collaboration, where functions such as administration, finance, IT and logistics are centralized, giving the subsidiaries full scope to focus on their core businesses.

The Group consists of three business areas

  • Thunderful Development, with operations in the development and sale of games. The business area includes the game developers Image & Form International AB and Zoink AB. The company’s key brand is SteamWorld. The games have sold over four million copies, and have been downloaded more than seven million times.

  • Thunderful Publishing, with operations involving the publishing of games. The business area includes Thunderful Publishing AB, which handles the release of titles developed internally and by other gaming studios, as well as the highly acclaimed Rising Star Games Ltd, which has been acquired to focus on releasing prominent Japanese gaming titles in Europe and the United States.

  • Thunderful Distribution, with operations in the distribution and sale of gaming consoles, games, gaming accessories and toys. The business area includes Bergsala AB, Amo Toys Nordic AB and Nordic Game Supply AB. Bergsala AB has been distributing Nintendo products in the Nordic countries since 1981. Nordic Game Supply AB and Amo Toys Nordic AB are Nordic distributors of games, gaming accessories, merchandise and toys. Their brands include Rockstar, 2K Games, RAZER, Thrustmaster, PowerA, Hori, MGA Entertainment (with brands such as L.O.L., BabyBorn and Little Tikes), Geomag, Intex and many others.