Thunderful Development opens studio i Malmö

Gothenburg-based Thunderful Development AB, a part of Thunderful Group
AB, opens a new office in Malmö. The game developer thereby increases both
its capacity and its recruitment base.

Thunderful Development opens studio i Malmö

In August this year Thunderful Development moves into the Game Habitat DevHub in Malmö.
Thus, the game development arm of Thunderful Group takes the first step towards
establishing themselves permanently outside of Western Sweden. Heading up operations is
Markus Månsson, a born-and-bred Malmö native, who’s spent the last few years as senior
game designer at Image & Form, one of Thunderful’s three game development studios.

“I’m very excited to bring The Thunder home to Malmö. I’ve had many nice years up in
Gothenburg and look forward to expanding our vision on what great game design is. It’s a
new Thunderful setting, but we’ll naturally stay in close touch with our sister offices in
Göteborg and Skövde,” says Markus Månsson.

Klaus Lyngeled, Head of Development at Thunderful, is pleased.

“We’ll start recruiting from scratch at Thunderful Malmö, but we expect to grow fairly quickly.
We’ve got loads of fun ideas and tasks, and Malmö is brimming with good, well-educated
game developers. I’ve got a very good feeling about this.”
In just under a year Thunderful Development has grown from 45 to just around 100
developers. Thunderful Group CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson thinks the time is right to expand to
the south.

“In December last year we acquired Skövde-based Guru Games, and they’ve already come a
long way in developing ideas that we wanted to realize,” says Brjann Sigurgeirsson. “The first
thing we did there was to call it Thunderful Skövde, so that everyone could feel they were a
part of something bigger. Markus is the right man to bring our secret sauce to Malmö, to find
new team members and expand the Thunderful culture. We develop world-class games
simply because we always try to do everything right. That ground rule is just as valid when it
comes to expansion.”

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About Thunderful Group AB
Thunderful Group AB is a pan-Nordic gaming group developing and publishing PC and console games for the global games market, as well as distributing games, gaming accessories and toys for the Nordic market. The Group, in its current shape, was founded in 2019 following a restructuring of the Thunderful and Bergsala groups, each with their own long history, and engages more than 170 employees. The Group has a strong Nordic market presence with a unique market legacy through its subsidiary Bergsala and its 40-year-old Nordic distribution contract with Nintendo.

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